April, 2012
Watch out for Z-Shield for Arduino and Z-Plate for Raspberry Pi

June, 2012
Z-Plate for Raspberry Pi released

June, 2012
Z-Shield for Arduino released

June, 2012
Coming soon Z-Io with PWM and Relay Drivers

July, 2012
Proto-Plate released

ZigBee addon for Arduino
Featuring industry leading ETRX357 ZigBee module

2.4GHz - IEEE802.15.4 - ZigBee Pro

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Z-Plate brings ZigBee networking to Arduino with Z-Shield you can,
  • Access the ZigBee Home Automation sensors
  • Use Raspberry Pi compatible Z-Plate to make Arduino send data to and from Raspberry Pi
  • Can talk to ZigBee Smart Energy networks (special firmware required)
  • Create a secure network for monitoring and control
  • Use the ambient light sensor on the Z-Shield to measure light intensity
  • Use the temperature sensor on the Z-Shield to measure temperature and send it over ZigBee link
  • Use the Buzzer on Z-Shield for audible indications
  • Use power amplified ZigBee module for increased range
Z-Plate Features
  • Industry leading ETRX357 ZigBee module from Telegesis (UK) Ltd using an AT style command interface to the ZigBee Pro firmware running in the ETRX357
  • LM61 Temperature Sensor connected to ADC input of ETRX357
  • APDS9005-020 Ambient light sensor connected to ADC input of ETRX357
  • A piezo buzzer driven by PWM output of the ETRX357
  • Two LEDs (green and red) connected to PWM output of the ETRX357
  • Power indicator led for 3.3 volts rail
  • Three 74HC125 based buffers available for prototyping use
  • The ETRX357's serial port can be connector to either Arduino's processor (ATMEGA328) or the USB interface
  • Allows loading sketch in the ATMega328 via USB without the need for removing the Z-Shield
  • Powered from 3.3V rail of Arduino. Has footprint for MCP1703 regulator to power from 5V or Vin voltage rail.
  • Breakout header for all pins of ETRX357
  • Breakout header for all pins of Arduino Uno R3 interfacing header
  • Programming connector (not mounted) for programming the EM357 SOC
  • Generous 113 2.54mm pitch, 1mm diameter holes prototyping area
  • Mounting holes matching Arduino Uno's mounting holes
  • Stacking connectors for stacking further shields on top of Z-Shield
  • Option to surface mount the ETRX357 module (standard mounting is 1.27mm header)
  • Option to use ETRX357LRS long range module with up to 18dBm output power (requires additional voltage regulator to be mounted on board)
Usage Examples
Arduino sketches coming soon

Download Z-Shield Schematic
Download Z-Shield board outline
Download ETRX357 datasheet from the link for AT command set reference
Download EM357 SoC datasheet from the link to better understand the peripherals of ETRX357 module

Ordering Information
Following mixes of options are available for sale,
Part Number PCBArduino Header SetETRX357 HeaderSensors & IndicatorsZigBee ModuleOrder Now
ZS-01-01-LS Assembled Z-Shield R1.0Stacking - 1x 10pin 2x 8pin 2x 6pin1.27mm Pin HeaderLM61, APDS9005-020, Buzzer, LEDs-
Select Destination Country
ZS-01-01-L Assembled Z-Shield R1.0Stacking - 1x 10pin 2x 8pin 2x 6pin1.27mm Pin HeaderLEDs-
Select Destination Country
ZS-01-01 Bare PCB Z-Shield R1.0Stacking - 1x 10pin 2x 8pin 2x 6pin1.27mm Pin Header - -
Select Destination Country
ZS-00-00 Bare PCB Z-Shield R1.0 - - - -
Select Destination Country
Z-ETRX357 - - 1.27mm Socket - ETRX357On Request
Z-ETRX357-LRS - - 1.27mm Socket - ETRX357LRSOn Request
  • The Arduino Header and ETRX357 Header are supplied un-assembled with Z-Shield PCB unless specifically requested at ordering
  • The 1.27mm Socket is supplied assembled to the ETRX357 module unless requested otherwise at ordering time