April, 2012
Watch out for Z-Shield for Arduino and Z-Plate for Raspberry Pi

June, 2012
Z-Plate for Raspberry Pi released

June, 2012
Z-Shield for Arduino released

June, 2012
Coming soon Z-Io with PWM and Relay Drivers

July, 2012
Proto-Plate released

Prototyping addon for Raspberry Pi

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  Proto-Plate Features
  • Stays below the profile of Raspberry Pi.
  • Does not block the status LEDs of Raspberry Pi
  • Multiple pads for connecting to power (3V3, 5V and Ground)
  • Cleverly placed Ground and Power pads for optimum space and usage
  • Raspberry Pi's signals grouped according to function (SPI, I2C, UART, GPIOs)
  • Pads to connect up to four 3mm LEDs
  • TO220 Footprint for voltage regulators (e.g., LM1117 for high current 3V3 power supply)
  • Footprint for input and output capacitors for LM1117 voltave regulator
  • Footprint for three SOT23 packages
  • SOIC14 breakout, this can be used to populate with 74HC125 to protect Raspberry Pi GPIOs 
  • Massive up to 370 holes (2.54mm pitch) prototyping area
  • Nylon spacer to keep Proto-Plate away from Raspberry Pi's components
Download Proto-Plate board outline Top Bottom

Package Contents
Proto-Plate R1.1 bare board (no components on the board)
1x Nylon Screw Nut spacer
1x 2x13 Way Header Socket
The Item is provided as a kit with through hole soldering required

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